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An important step in this program is working with specific cases from a real business environment. Sourcing suppliers, supplier negotiations, working to a budget, reviewing current products/services, supplier relationship management, decision making where new products and services are concerned, understanding of countries trade legislation, quick reaction to market changes, making sure products/services get delivered on time and meet the required standards, visits to the suppliers premises are the main roles and responsibilities of a professional purchaser that becomes our preparation responsibility.


The sales DNA and selling skills are the two areas we focus on in order for you to become a great salesperson. Listening and questioning skills, business and finance acumen, being comfortable talking about money and knowing how to follow an effective trade process are the main milestones.


We develop leaders. Through our transversal training programs, we develop leaders prepared to lead the organization and to effectively manage the changes necessary for growth. With the managers help, we create an engaging culture and drive to generate a significant impact on performance.

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In a crowded and dynamic global market, our acquisition and sales teams manage to trade goods from all over the world and close multimillion-euro transactions.

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