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Our four weeks International Trade Specialist training program, is built upon the Olympic spirit. It combines elements of recruitment, progressive selection and development and challenge of their own limitations.
An important step in this program is working with specific cases from a real business environment.

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The training team dedicated to the retail area forms specialists for the WOW stores: commercial workers, logistics assistants or auxiliary personnel.
We all believe that the contentment and satisfaction of our WOW customers are the expression of the involvement and professionalism of our team members in our stores.

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For VEO’s support departments, we train accounting professionals, specialized in French accounting. The training are intensive, containing technical and practical exercises based on specific situations.
The practice of business requires different levels of competence and we build our trainings to serve the

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Through our transversal training programs, we develop leaders prepared to lead the organization and to effectively manage the changes necessary for growth.
With the managers help, we create an engaging culture and driven to generate a significant impact on performance.

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In a crowded and dynamic global market, our acquisition and sales teams manage to trade goods from all over the world and close multimillion-euro transactions.

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